Kathmandu the day after

Today everything is back to «normal». Only the normal thing is another curfew…

Everything was calm this morning, and after yesterdays events we gathered that it was all back to normal again and I prepared to go to work. We soon heard a chopper swiping over the area and we found out that the curfew was lifted only untill 9.30 a.m. After that everything would be closed down like yesterday and we were not able to leave our homes. So everyone stayed at home, relaxing or fixing things in the home, children playing. We found out about the curfew too late to go shopping for groceries. Our maid called and explained that she was not coming and that we should keep indoors. Actually, everyone is nice and explains the situation since we can not understand the information on Radio Nepal, the state channel, which announces strikes and curfews.

We found out that about 100 buildings in Kathmandu were destroyed in yesterdays rallys. Both employment agencies, foreign travel agencies with flights to Arab countries, a mosque, two leading publication houses as well as public and private properties were attacked. At least two persons were killed and dusins wounded in clinch with the police.

Kristoffer is content, however, having his mother at home. So we are awaiting the situation, not knowing how long the curfew will continue, hopefully only today, so that we can go shopping for groceries tomorrow.

Kathmandu, September 2004


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