Life after curfew

You might wonder, like most people, if it is safe to stay in Kathmandu these days, and whatever happened after the curfew.

It seems like I never got around to finish my story on the curfew here in Kathmandu two weeks back. In short, the curfew lasted for five days totally (very strange experience), and it was a very special time for all Kathmandu citizens. After curfew we ask each other «So how was your curfew?» and everyone has different stories to tell. Some people are telling how they were running for one hour to reach home before curfew started, military police with guns following them every step. Some people who were exploited by manpower agencies were happy because they felt they got some kind of revenge. Other people, like myself, enjoyed staying at home with their families, getting some rest, repairing things, taking care of children or doing housework. Going up on the rooftop to see the sun dawn at the quiet city. Others found it hard to do all the housework and caring for the children while the schools were closed and the didis (maids) did not come to work. Most people, however, were worried about lack of income these days, like the salesmen cycling around with fresh bananas and vegetables. The effect on the countrys economy was severe. For me personally it was a positive experience, even though I know the situation was not good for Nepal. After the curfew everything is back to normal. It feels safe and a lot more boring, even if we can enjoy everyday life. Now I don’t bother so much to read the newspaper, things don’t feel that important. During curfew we were constantly listening to radio, watching tv and checking newspapers on the internet.

Kathmandu, September 2004


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