American peace core pulling out

Daniel, the american peace core volunteer at NEFEJ, where I work, has been forced to go home due to the security situation. Friday one week ago somebody threw a bomb outside the American Centre here in Kathmandu. It was just a small bomb, they say, but it was different from the others which have been used by maoists in Kathmandu earlier. This one contained spikes and things, designed to hurt people. Anyway, the bomb was only thrown outside the building and nobody was hurt, but after this the american embassy decided to shut down all voluntary peace core activities in Nepal. It is not only because of this single bomb, however. The last period several of the american peace core representants different places in the countryside have had visit from maoists telling them to leave. Also, a few days back a bomb hit a bridge here in Kathmandu, and 19 people were hurt. It is an historical event, since the american peace core have been here since 1962. Anyway, Daniel had to go, even if he feels safe and wants to continue working here. So now there is only one foreigner working at NEFEJ, me, and I can´t help but feeling a bit lonely today.

Kathmandu, September, 2004


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